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As recommended by the PRC Review Committee, the CHR i-web now contains information on PRCs..
The Professional Responsibility Committee (PRC) memo, presentation, and form are now posted on:

Professional Responsibility Committee
Patient Advocacy is a primary responsibility of nurses. We have negotiated a process for nurses to advocate for safe care, care management and safe staff levels through Local Professional Responsibility Committees. Nurses can raise concerns and demand Employer response to our concerns through our PRCs. (Some Locals have Labour/Management or other committee structures).
Safe staffing levels are a major concern for Registered nurses and a significant area in our Professional Responsibility Committees. We work to ensure high quality patient care is delivered by skilled practitioners


To regulate working conditions and management practices so that they ensure the delivery of high quality health care.

To protect the professional licenses of nurses.

To give professional nurses a say in the quality of the care they provide.

To provide legal protection for nurses in matters pertaining to the delivery of health care.

To clarify the process for nurses’ input into the delivery of quality care.

To provide Union representation for employees in matters pertaining to safe patient/resident/client care.

To provide a systematic means of problem-solving in matters relating to the delivery of quality health care.

To ensure that the employer and the Union assemble facts and arguments to justify their respective positions.

To provide for the final resolution of disputes.

PRC Form.pdf